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From Little Things, Big Things Grow – Samantha Wills

You know when you stalk someone online and just have this feeling they are one of the lovely ones, well Samantha does not let you down – if anything the girl is twice as nice in real life. She is an absolute powerhouse and visionary, that we were lucky enough to sit down with.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the industry/field?

When I was 21 I was just making jewellery as a hobby on my dining room table and selling it down at Bondi Beach markets. I was offered a spot on a showroom wall at fashion week, it was to cost $500. I barely had enough money in my bank account at the time, but I took the spot hoping to cover the cost back and ended up writing $17,000 worth of orders!!

I quit my ‘real job’ the next day and made the conscious decision to throw everything I have at building an accessories brand.

Image Credit: Scott Ehler

Can you walk us through the background of where the passion comes from?

While jewellery was the vehicle, my true passion was always the creativity and the storytelling behind it. Jewellery just so happened to become the vehicle for that. I was always creative as a kid, my parents allowed me to decorate my bedroom however I wanted, free reign within those four walls, so I would paint murals on the walls, hang fairy lights, I once even stuck all my troll dolls to the ceiling so that the roof was a sea of fluro hair! I think them allowing me this creative outlet really allowed me to create things with no boundaries. 

What was the most challenging aspect you’ve faced so far?

There are so many!! Starting a business with absolutely no business experience. I found that very tough in those early years, just truly flying blind.

I think there is a perception that the problems get less as you get further along the path. They don’t get less, they actually get bigger—you just become more equipped to deal with them.

Image Credit: Scott Ehler

And what’s been the most amazing experience?

Like the challenges, there has also been so many incredible experiences! Having our product on Sex and the City was surreal, and while it was always very exciting to see celebrities wear the brand, I got most excited when I would pass a person in the street wearing it, that meant the most to me.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for someone looking to chase their dreams/passion or try something new?

I think that so often when we embark on these journeys, we have a singular idea of success and anything that falls outside of that instantly then becomes a pass or fail. My advice would be to know where you want to go, but don’t just focus singularly on that, because looking so innately at that will see you miss many things that are being presented along the way. Success comes in many forms.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

Ocean swims and sleep with absolutely no where to be.

What keeps you Zen/Happy?

Creativity. Rest. Reading

Quick Questions

Coffee/Tea – Coffee

Morning/ Night – Night

What’s on your bedside table: Four lip balms… somehow they all end up there.

Book you are currently reading: Intimate Conversations with the Divine By Caroline Myss

Favourite Flowers: at the moment its eucalyptus

Signature Scent: Coco Chanel by Mademoiselle

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