The Ultimate Self-Care Activities this Taurus Season

Taurus season is finally here and that means slowing down, getting grounded and savouring life’s basic luxuries. While we’re no longer in isolation, this is still the perfect astrological season for us all! Become that baking / napping / self-love queen that you know you are. 

Aries season brought with it some serious intensity and fire, so the Taurus season is a welcome relief – it’s literally about chilling out. As an earth sign, Taurus is steady and grounded in the real world and this astrological season is a great time for maintaining or deepening work on an ongoing project, staying committed and for all fellow Taureans out there – you have the perfect excuse for your stubbornness!

With the sun now in Taurus, and Venus ruling the vibes, you’ll start to feel okay with sleeping in everyday and with the cooler weather want to stay in every night. You’ll start to appreciate this downtime and see it in a new perspective. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure and beauty after all – so there’s nothing but good that can come from wearing a sheet mask every night, snacking all day, and heading into an online shopping spiral – it’s all about doing what you need to do, to make yourself feel good!

Some things we’re really looking forward to indulging in this season are:

  • copious amounts of eye and face masks to get our iso skin back up to scratch
  • plenty of body scrubs from our good friend Frank
  • long, hot crystal soaked baths, sipping on rose and binge watching our classic favourite TV shows on Stan
  • baking some seriously indulgent (and chocolate filled) goodies from scratch – none of this packet mix, we really want to enjoy the baking process
  • working on our home aesthetic 

Above all else, now is the time to really try and ground yourself – not start something new. Focus on what is already in front of you and work on that. The hardworking, determined vibe of a Taurus is exactly what we all need right now to make it through the next few months.

What do you plan on doing this Taurus season?

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