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Canberra Girl’s Guide to reducing the stress of Lockdown

They’ve announced that we will be in lockdown for a little while longer, but whilst we are stuck inside why not make the most of it? 

We have listed our nine top tips to staying sane whilst locked down. 

Daily Exercise 

Get your body moving each day. Whether this be a walk/run around your neighbourhood or joining an online class. Many different Canberra PT’s and businesses are currently offering online classes. The idea is to get your body and mind moving.

To Do List

Make yourself a checklist and work to complete it. Whether you’re working from home and need to accomplish something for your job or you’ve been putting something off around the house ( those cupboards could always be reorganised). Do something to make yourself feel accomplished.

Make yourself a healthy meal

Exercising is important, but so is keeping up your general health. Whilst enjoying a cheeky treat or meal is never a bad idea, it is important to ensure we are fueling our bodies with the good stuff, so make yourself something healthy. Hey, why not try a new recipe you’ve found online.

Ration Time Spent Online

Whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest news, government advice and exposure sites is incredibly important, we can often find ourselves glued to it or scrolling our feeds. So instead, set yourself a limit of how much time you’ll spend scrolling a day, and then stick to it!

Make a routine

We can often find ourselves reverting back to bad routines or habits once we’ve been inside for a while. So it is important that we make a routine to help motivate ourselves. Set yourself a daily routine that includes a checklist of things to do during the day, allowing you to keep yourself busy with productive things. Even if it’s just making sure you are out of the PJ’s and into your tights and hoodie – routine is key!

Stay Connected

Spend time with your family/friends. Whether that’s hosting a movie or board game night or enjoying a meal together. Technology is your best friend. Call, Facetime and Zoom – especially those friends and family members by themselves. Make it a habit to talk to at least one person a day, outside of your household.

Relax and Pamper Yourself

Do something for you! Try out those bath bombs that have been piling up, make yourself a DIY facemask, paint your nails,  watch your guilty pleasure or just sit back and put your feet up for a while. Hey, why not convince your partner for that neck massage they’ve been promising you. Make sure you’re taking time out for you.

Support Local

There is no time like now to support our local businesses that are doing it tough. This is as easy as liking or sharing their social media pages, or choosing  to order takeaway for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We’re in this together and one of the greatest things about being from Canberra is that we always band together when the going gets tough.

Image Credit: Visit Canberra

What will you be doing during this lockdown to keep yourself sane?

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