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Netflix and chill – but we mean actual chill

If you’re anything like us, you’re more into living in trackies and being a sloth then the self care/ home hacks side of this lockdown. On a plus side, we have become a queen of binge watching and that list of tv shows we had heard about and were planning to watch at some stage is shrinking.

We’ve done the hard work of watching them for you (you’re welcome) and these are our best picks just in time for the weekend;


Omg! this one got us good. Nick Brewer goes missing and a viral video is released of him that says if it hits 5million views he will die… well no real plot twist here it hits the 5million. But we assure you there is a world of twists and turns- Is Nick a good guy?, is he set up?, Is his wife involved?, the list goes on.

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Ted Lasso

Ted is the guy you didn’t know was missing from your life until you start watching. Jason Sudeikis is Ted a NFL coach from the US paid to move to England and coach the Richmond Greyhounds Football team. He has no idea about soccer, the rules, and was only brought in to bring the team down and stick to the owner of the teams ex-husband after a nasty divorce. The thing she wasn’t betting on was that Ted would win everyone over with his humour, motivational one liners and shortbread biscuits. We’re not exactly sports fans but 2 eps in and we were considering watching the premiere league and holding out hope for an on field romance…

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White Lotus

The newest HBO mini series is slightly odd, but also suck you in odd. Centered around a couple on their honeymoon, a woman to scatter her mothers ashes and a rich family all taking a break at the exclusive White Lotus resort. From the outside the people and the resort look picture perfect on the inside there is all types of drama, including a manager with addiction and power issues.

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Modern Love

Featuring super cute real life love stories sent into the New York Times this is the feel good, tear jerker we’ve been craving with our current limited face to face contact. Each episode tells a different story of love – whether it is forever love, lost love or fleeting love that led to what ifs. Plus it has a stellar cast with familiar faces in each tale including Kit Harington and Anne Hathaway . Season two has just been released so there is plenty to watch. Our tip have the tissues nearby just incase you get a glisten in your eye.

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Happy Watching and feel free to return the favour and let us know if you have a fav we should be watching?

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