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Nailing the No Makeup, Makeup Look!

Now this is a trend that we can get around! What’s better than perfecting a make-up look that’s quick, easy with minimal products! 

We like it so much, we’ve done the research so you don’t have too! 

Here your guide to creating the No Makeup, Makeup Look

Good Skincare is Key

This makeup look is all about embracing your natural skin and keeping it healthy and glowing. Therefore, looking after your skin is more important than ever. 

Nail a daily regime that you’re actually going to stick to! It doesn’t have to be complicated but consistency is key – think cleanser, toner/serum, moisturiser and sunscreen (no matter the time of year). 

Swap out the Foundation

Say goodbye to your full coverage foundation and say hellooo to skin tints, tinted moisturisers, BB creams and CC creams. It’s about colour correcting and giving yourself a glowy look. 

Or, skip the foundation all together and just correct with concealer. 

Less is more here ladies. 

The Brows

It’s less about harsh lines and more about embracing your natural brows. It’s as easy as grabbing a clear or tinted brow gel and brushing up those brows. 

A brow powder or pencil can always be used to add a little more colour or fill in any gaps. 

Blushed cheeks &  illuminating from within 

You’ve completed your base and now it’s about brightening. To get that ‘glowy from within’ look it is suggested to swap your powdered blushes and highlighters for a creamy product. Give yourself that flushed look with your blush and highlight your skin to glow. 

The Lips

Think plump, moisturised with a soft tint. Skip the dark or matt lippy and head for a tinted lip balm or gloss.  It’s all about keeping your lips hydrated and soft whilst adding a little colour. 


To complete the look – a quick swipe of your favourite mascara to define your eyes. Or, if mascara is not your thing, skip it all together and grab an eyelash curler – a curler can help shape and define your lashes with no product.

And as always, spritz to finish! 

It’s as easy and effortless as that! 

Will you be trying the no makeup makeup trend? 

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