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How to create the perfect gallery wall

Have a blank wall at home? Have too many photos sitting in your camera wall that deserve to be displayed? Love to collect cool art pieces? A gallery wall is a great and inexpensive way to display your favourite images in your home. 

We love them so much we’ve put together a guide on how to get creative with one in your own home, office or space. 

First thing’s first – pick your wall. Where do you have space to hang multiple things? Is there somewhere that’s looking bland or is there a focal point in your space you want to draw attention? Once you’ve picked the wall, measure it so you know what space you’re working with. 

Now it’s time to pick your images. Choose images that you want to see each day, especially ones that make you happy. Give them the Marie Kondo once over. Do they spark joy? Yes? Then get them hanging on that wall. 

Whether it’s your favourite photos, fun art you’ve collected, or an old magazine cover, you can do no wrong. Heck you might even want to frame an artwork the little ones in your life have gifted you. Opt to keep it all to one colour or visual theme, or mix and match to make a diverse and interesting wall feature. 

Next, choose your layout. Are you going for that picture perfect look (excuse the pun), or do you want something more asymmetrical with different shapes and layouts?

Once you’ve got the design sorted, pick your frames (keeping in mind the size of the wall). For simplicity choose the same frames both colour and size. If you want a more asymmetrical deisgn choose the same coloured frames just in different sizes. 

If you’re going for a more eclectic look, throw in different frames.

Inexpensive frames can be picked up from stores like Kmart, TK Maxx and Ikea. 

If you are using your own images, now is the time to get them printed. 

Next step is to lay it all out. We find the floor the easiest place.Start with your images and play around with the layout until you have it looking right, then add in your frames to double check. 

Now to the fun stuff – putting it all together. 

Measure your wall again and mark where you’re going to hang your first frames. We recommend having each frame hung the same distance apart – no matter the style wall you’re going for. This helps keep it look cohesive. 

You can use any hanging materials you like, nails, wall hooks, removable picture hangers. 

Now that is hung, all that is left is to invite a few friends over to help you admire your new gallery wall.  

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