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From Little Things, Big Things Grow – She Builds Homes

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the industry/field?

My name is Carly Dewey, I’m a builder mainly operating in Canberra although I live on the outskirts with my Husband, our three little boys and an assortment of dogs and farm animals.

I’m third generation construction worker in Canberra. My grandfather and father built houses alongside their usual occupation/trades and so I was exposed to the industry from a young age. I have always had a love for houses and turning houses into homes so it felt like a natural career progression for me.

Can you walk us through the background of where the passion comes from?

I have come to realize that I am essentially a creative person and so being able to design, build and style homes is like the ultimate form of artwork for me.

What was the most challenging aspect you’ve faced so far?

Being a woman in construction is not easy in any facet. Every day is a challenge on site and off as I don’t fit the description of builder according to the majority of the industry and general population. I’ve got some good horror stories from my time in the industry! I’m hopeful though that change is coming and that more women will find their way into the industry too.

And what’s been the most amazing experience?

The best part of my job is when I’ve styled the home, it’s all come together and its ready for a family. Although at the end of every build I’m happy that it’s better than the last but I am always thinking of how I can improve what I’ve done so it’s a little bittersweet.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for someone looking to chase their dreams/passion or try something new?

What are you waiting for? The only person who can make something happen for you is you. Also if it doesn’t make you nervous, it’s not worth it so be anxious and do it anyway.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

Coffee in bed, an adventure with my boys, brunch at a café, dinner with friends. I miss our tribe!

What keeps you Zen/Happy?

My husband and kids, a quick yoga session or walk on the farm, texting the girlfriends and shiraz

Quick Questions

Coffee/Tea: Coffee

Morning/ Night: Nights

What’s on your bedside table: baby monitor, too many devices, little dish full of fun earrings

Book you are currently reading: started both untamed by Glennon doyle and the new hustle by emma isaacs and listening to the wheel of time series and undisruptable by Ian Whitworth

Favourite Flowers: whatever my Husband brings me

5 items you can’t leave home without: baby Ace, changing clutch for baby, phone, work boots, travel coffee

Signature Scent: Monarch by Vanessa Morgan

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