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The Astrology Lowdown Part 1

What’s her star sign? Oh she’s a Sagittarius- makes sense.

Is it just us or is everyone talking star signs, moon signs and sun signs these days?! Half the time we’re between the “oh that’s why” moments and the “i have no idea what that means”. So we’ve aligned some planets for you and compiled our 3 part series for the lowdown on astrology.

Let’s talk your star sign;

Remember we’re not astrologists yet (but may be changing career paths after this series) so this is a basic run down on reading your key 3 signs and what they mean. If you really wish to delve deeper you can also consider Mercury, Mars and Venus – but for today’s lowdown lets stick with the basics.

All of this information can be found by analysing your birth chart. There is a bunch of free birth chart apps and sites online, here is the one we used. (Tip it is American so the day and month around around the other way.)

Sun Sign

The sun is always vibrant so it is no surprise this is the sign you are born under. This is meant to be where alot of your personality traits come from, sometimes even referred to as your role in life. The belief is that the sign represents your hearts desire and this may not match to our life’s journey which is where the disconnect can occur and we may not end up being “typical” for that sign.

This is the sign we most commonly refer to or ask someone about.

Source: Zodiac Style

Moon Sign

The Moon is said to regulate the tides and the climate and your Moon sign similarly rules your emotions, moods and feelings. While the sun sign shows your outer personality, the moon sign represents your inner beliefs, private self and the deep set emotions you sometimes try avoid portraying. This sign influences your relationships and how you wish to see the world.

Ascendant Sign

The final in the key 3 is your ascendant (or rising sign). This can be classed as your social personality, your outer style/body and your key driver in your birth chart overall. This is how you are perceived by others and how you choose to express yourself to the world. Some say this is the first layer you show to people, as time goes on you allow them to see the other elements of you that come from your moon and sun signs.

Excuse us now, we’re off to confirm that our online shopping habit and reality tv addiction may be because of our sun sign.

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