Goal Digger – Turning your goals into real life gold.

You need someone to be your cheer squad for a new goal… we got you girl. You need someone to tell you new year, new me… count us out! We love a goal as much as the next driven lad or lady but really believe goals should be when and where you want them to be, sure a new year can bring new goals, or a random Tuesday or even post breakdown. If you have the drive they can happen anytime.

Here is our fast 5 to help you actually reach your golden goals and not quit a day in:

Write it down

This makes the goal real and tangible. Assuming you’re not asking to become a real life mermaid obviously. Putting pen to paper is the best way to stick to what you are chasing. From here, break the goal down into smaller achievable steps. eg. Get Fitter is very broad, so perhaps this can become complete 3x hiit workouts a week and 2 x lake walks or Get a new job/take the next step in my career could be apply for any XXX roles in my industry, create a list of companies i want to wok for or talk to my manage about what’s next for me.


We’ve all heard the saying a problem shared is a problem halved. Well this is kind of similar for goals, there is a time to keep it to yourself – till you are sure this is for you. But then once you know it’s what you want it should be told to someone who will celebrate the wins, motivate you on the loses and help you reach what you are craving.

Make a Plan

Ok, we know we are guilty of loving a game plan anyway but when it comes to kicking some major goals we may love it a little more. A plan adds to the realness of the situation, pumps us up but also gives a list of what we need to do to reach that goal. Breaking it down into bite-size steps that will make the dream seem a little less scary and give us time frames to have it completed. Creating the ultimate goal hustle.

Start NOW

Not every goal can be started right now in this very moment, but many of them can be. If you have ever listened to anyone talking about reaching their goals, starting a business or even taking the leap into something that scared them, they all say there is no ideal time to start. If you continue to put it off until things are perfect, it is very easy to continue to do so. The excuse that the idea isn’t perfected, or you are a little tired to start that fitness goal, or you have always wanted to move somewhere but you have a good job/friends/house etc. The first step is always the hardest and even if it doesn’t work out at least you won’t continue to live with the what if’s.

Believe in Yourself

There is a reason why you have set this goal or dreamed of creating this life. Keep this in mind when you are having a hard day or the goal seems to be too far to concur. Subconsciously you have been leaning into this, sometimes the goal may alter along the way but through believing in yourself you will figure out the right direction for you.

Whatever the time, whatever the dream… we say do it!

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